Program and Project Management

Our Approach:


At Stratus, through our project management services, we support you in the planning and building of new solutions for your business and the execution of those plans through rigorous, methodology driven project governance.


Drawing on our core technology focus and several decades of proven experience, we’re quickly able to recognize and understand evolving technologies as they emerge and assist you to convert the most appropriate ones into solutions that deliver measurable value to your business.


Every year we assist hundreds of clients across the globe in moving forward with new investments and deployments with confidence.  The key to this success is our resources.  Stratus has a team of highly skilled program and project management resources who can engage with your organization, service providers, and vendors to drive the successful execution of your strategic objectives.



How do you engage?


When you engage with Stratus on a project, we commence with an extensive assessment of your environment and project goals and delivery objectives. Our tools, benchmarks and blueprints are applied to assess the current state of your project.



The value of a sound project management methodology includes:

  • Setting better expectations through up-front estimating, planning, and project definition
  • Faster execution through the reuse of common processes and templates
  • Fewer project problems encountered when utilizing proactive project management processes
  • Better organizational decision making through more effective project communication
  • Less rework by building a higher quality product the first time

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