DevOps and Cloud Services

DevOps means many different things to different people because the discussion around it is varied and crosses multiple disciplines. Essentially, DevOps is the collaboration of operations and development engineers across the entire service lifecycle, from design and development through to production support. Another hallmark of DevOps is technology operations staff utilizing many of the same techniques as developers to execute their function. Those techniques can range from using source control to testing to participating in an Agile development and delivery process.


At Stratus, we have developed a dedicated practice focused on assisting our clients to achieve organizational agility by establishing integration, communication, and collaboration across the development, quality assurance and technology operations communities.
Adoption of DevOps is being driven by several influencing factors:


  • Widespread use of agile development processes and methodologies
  • Increased demand from business stakeholders for more frequent production releases
  • The influence of virtualization and cloud provisioning (both internal and external)
  • The increased prevalence of automation and configuration management tools
  • The drive for quality assurance automation and continuous integration


Stratus’s DevOps Practice is focused on assisting our clients in navigating a logical path through the DevOps landscape to deliver the highest value to their organization driving up efficiency, agility and speed of delivery while driving operational expenses down in the data center.


Service Overview


Our DevOps Practice is comprised of consultants who are experienced technology leaders.  They have the theoretical and practical experience necessary to help you achieve the organizational gains and cost advantages promised by achieving increased availability, scalability, performance and pace of change promised by a DevOps driven posture.  Their objective is to achieve these gains without sacrificing the stability, security and compliance of your mission critical applications.


From strategy consulting and application readiness assessments through to the tactical tasks of deployment, migration, automation and ongoing support, we can assist you on your journey to the cloud.
Our vendor neutral approach is designed to ensure that the right toolsets and architecture are recommended and deployed to assist you to reach your business objectives.  We can assist you in the selection and implementation of the right supporting technologies and delivery platforms necessary to:


  • Increase organizational agility and speed
  • Drive profitability through both cost saving and revenue enhancement
  • Increase infrastructure utilization and efficiency
  • Redirect corporate energies to core skills and product delivery rather than IT burn
  • Enhance global workforce enablement and collaboration


Why Stratus?


  • We have a proven talented in-house team with the right balance of technical knowledge and practical experience to ensure project success.
  • We offer a complete range of necessary skills from tactical engineering roles through to architectural & strategic consulting allowing you a single source for all your needs.
  • Onshore and Offshore Delivery Capabilities
  • Agile coding methodology guidelines and standards
  • A focus on clean code and APIs
  • Detailed documentation and knowledge transfer
  • Deep background in Application Development, Quality Assurance and Technical Operations
  • Currency and experience with the latest technology
  • Our Consultative Delivery Model ensures optimal effectiveness and project efficiency.
  • Flexible engagement models with on-site, off-site and offshore capabilities provide significant budgetary flexibility.
  • Vendor neutral approach which ensures the best consultative solution for your organization based upon your needs and goals rather than a sales objective on our part.


Service Capabilities:


Assessment and Strategic Planning

We offer a complete range of strategic consulting services to assist your organization in the logical adoption and use of automation, the cloud and virtualization to support your business objectives.


  • Cloud Strategy Definition and Adoption Road Map
  • Readiness Assessments (Application, Platform and Enterprise levels)
  • Infrastructure Assessment and Consulting
  • Cloud Program Management and Governance


Transformation and Migration

Our transformation and migration services are designed to analyze, prepare and migrate your application environments (development, test and production) whether you are migrating custom built legacy systems, off-the-shelf packages or new application development.


  • Application Transformation and Migration
  • Custom Application Development
  • Legacy Application Enablement
  • Program and Project Management
  • Cloud Management and Orchestration


Automation and Virtualization

Extracting the greatest value and efficiency from your cloud investment relies upon the successful use of virtualization and automation strategies and tools.  This is the driving force behind the promises of scalability, agility, on-demand capacity, utilization and efficiency.


  • Automation Scripting and Development
  • Automated Server Provisioning and Validation
  • Automated Monitoring, Alert Generation and Response
  • Server Virtualization
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Storage Virtualization

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