RPO Results

  • Meet 100% Headcount Requirements
  • Improve Quality of Hire and Reduce Early-Stage Turnover
  • Reduce Cost per Hire
  • Decrease Time to Hire
  • Achieve Interview to Hire Ratios of 3:1
  • Minimize Administrative Time of Hiring Managers and HR with Recruiting Process
  • Standardized Hiring and Recruitment Processes
  • Build Company’s Brand
  • Expanded Sourcing Strategies


The benefits could be monumental for your company to transition to an RPO Model.

Don’t just take our word for it… here’s what our clients are saying:

60% Reduction in Time to Hire

maintained a 95% retention rate

Reduced Recruitment Costs by over $245,0000%
Reduced Interview-to-Hire Ratios from 10:1 to 2.6:10%

If you’re not ready to commit, consider the RPO Pilot Program and let us show you the results for a specific division, location or skill set before you implement the full program.

See if an RPO makes sense for your business.