RPO Methodology

Stratus has developed an excellent methodology for delivering results for clients; it requires strong up front management efforts. Stratus’s aim for Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a customer-focused approach to service delivery. In the recruitment process it is crucial to have a strong client/ service provider relationship and a strong set of service-level expectations. Stratus works to meet the service provider’s expectations in order to enhance every business.

1. Analyze-150X150Analyze

Identification of the company goals, RPO program objectives, hiring process, workflows, recruitment team and existing challenges. Documentation of current and recommended processes. Development of implementation plan, timeframe and metrics.


2. Implement-150X150 Implement

Introduction to team. Facilitate specialized training on RPO model. Establish accountabilities for company and Stratus. Setup Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to begin inputting job requirements and company data. Position RPO for a successful launch.


3. manage-150X150 Monitor and Manage

Directly manage and oversee the RPO to ensure objectives are consistently met. Involves weekly calls with Hiring Managers and Executive to review performance metrics, issues and job orders.


4. optimize-150X150 Optimize

Assess and re-evaluate the RPO model to better align with the projected hiring needs of company. Understand strategic initiatives and how the RPO will be impacted. Make proactive adjustments to improve program and partnership.

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  • Skilled, Efficient and Diverse Recruitment Team with a Vast Network
  • Customized Solutions for Every Client
  • Advanced Sourcing Strategies, Technology & A Proven Approach
  • Access to Market Analytics that Drive Hiring Decisions & Strategy
  • Performance-based Pricing Model
  • Able to Advise on Strategic and Operational Opportunities/Issues to Meet RPO Goals
  • Leadership Team with over 30+ years in Staffing



We use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) specifically built for the RPO space. This tool provides easy access for client management to submit job orders, view the status of open positions and provide direct feedback to recruiters. On the back-end, the ATS enables Stratus to run comprehensive reports, create custom hiring workflows, access extensive sourcing and posting vehicles, and maintain a client-specific resume database. The functionality expedites the hiring process, improves communication and enhances the quality of service provided.