Opportunities for Recent College Graduates

Are you a soon-to-be or recent college graduate? Consider joining our team! Stratus is a rapidly growing private company, fueled by hiring motivated individuals as they enter the workforce. Since our inception in 2001, we have hired graduates from universities across the United States and provided them with the opportunity to grow along with us.

Reaching Your Personal and Professional Goals

Stratus is committed to helping all of our new associates establish and achieve all of their personal and professional goals, allowing each individual to determine their own career path based on their personal drive to succeed.

Requirements and Expectations

At Stratus, we prefer each associate to have a bachelor’s degree; however, our employees come from a variety of degrees and backgrounds. We are more concerned with who you are than what a piece of paper says about you. If you provide the talent, we will provide the training, tools, and knowledge it takes to build a long-lasting and extremely prosperous career, helping you turn your talent into success.


Stratus is looking for motivated college graduates seeking to establish and grow their careers.

“Stratus gave me my first job out of school and after two years I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

– Amber Bahar