Advanced Data Center Services

Advanced Data Center Services and Consulting

Today’s data centers support a diverse and rapidly changing set of business requirements, products, applications, platforms and services.  It is crucial for you to ensure your infrastructure is as responsive as possible to meet these changing market conditions.




AGILITYRapid application and product development, cloud adoption, and the demands of big data integration are driving dramatic changes requiring infrastructure to support the dynamic needs of application connectivity and network intelligence.


EFFICIENCY – The use of programmability and orchestration for automating all aspects of technology delivery is key for OpEx reduction.


CONTROL – Strategic and tactical end to end Instrumentation for monitor and managing end to end IT delivery for reducing OLA and SLA response time and increase serviceability.


But it’s not just the technology that matters, it’s ensuring the proper adoption of advanced technology utilizing proper deployment processes and best demonstrated practices along with focusing the application of those technologies to solving meaningful business problems and implementing meaningful governance.


Utilizing a system solutions approach versus a component driven approach, Stratus can help you to leverage advanced data center technologies as business tools. We help you to break down the traditional silos and foster an agile multi-discipline adoption strategy encompassing network, storage, compute, virtualization, L4-L7 services, security, and instrumentation.


Our expert consultants work with you to discover opportunities to introduce technology to solve business problems through robust but sustainable solutions which are focused on achieving meaningful tactical successes which help to drive large scale organizational change and progress.

Our Areas of Specialization

Stratus can help you on your journey to the Secure Software Defined Data Center with expertise in the following areas:


Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization




The Stratus Difference

At Stratus we are focused on providing  technology services and solutions designed to deliver exceptional value to our customers.  Exceptional talent delivering advanced technology solutions in a quality driven environment is our trademark.


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