Stratus Technology Services, LLC is a provider of innovative workforce and information technology services and solutions that are completely focused on client success. At Stratus it is our uncompromising commitment to extraordinary people implementing defined and proven methodologies, that allow for the delivery of the right solution for our clients’ critical business needs every time.


Our model of service excellence has provided for timely, cost effective and focused solutions for large and small clients on a nationwide basis since 2001. At Stratus, we are a leader in the new economy which demands strategic partners who are agile, focused and completely engaged.

Our corporate mission is based upon creating long-term, meaningful partnerships with our clients. This is only achieved by having the RIGHT PEOPLE providing the highest level service excellence in a quality driven environment.


We have developed the most efficient and structured processes and procedures implemented by the RIGHT PEOPLE throughout each phase of our solution and services delivery lifecycle, enabling complete client confidence, satisfaction and peace of mind.  We strive to make technology an asset for your organization not a liability

Integrity – We have an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing. Our word is our bond and an ethically grounded approach is at the heart of everything we do. For us, integrity means acting responsibly, honestly, and fairly both in our internal business activities as well as our dealings with partners and clients.  We treat each person with dignity and respect and empower and encourage them to make the day to day decisions necessary to reflect and demonstrate this commitment to being guided by what is ethical and right.


Community – Stratus is committed to fostering an environment that improves the lives of our employees, clients and communities. This sense of stewardship extends to: where we work, where we live and where our clients do business. It is important for us to support our communities with our time, our talents, and our participation in local, regional and national charitable and similarly beneficial activities.


Relationships – Relationships are the foundation of our success. We value the opportunity to establish mutually beneficial relationships that we develop over time and not just focus on immediate transactional gains. We recognize the lifetime value of our clients and work hard to maintain these relationships by exceeding expectations and providing unparalleled service and support. We foster relations with our clients that are built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.


Continuous Improvement – We strive every day for excellence and ensure that goal by continuously planning for tomorrow through the continuous improvement of our services, processes, and skill sets.


Innovation – Stratus focuses on those emerging technologies and specialized skill sets where we see the greatest potential for our clients to respond to the velocity and variety of business demands, deliver a competitive advantage, address organizational challenges & deliver results to both internal and external clientele.


Fun – We strive for excellence and we have fun along the way! We take our work seriously, but we feel a fun environment creates a better work environment for our team and helps to deliver exceptional solutions and services. We look to delight our clients and our employees every day and celebrate our achievements, both personal and professional.

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